Signage and branding capabilities: R & D and prototyping | Adherettes

Every project we undertake improves the way we design, build and think about signage.
Our in-house R&D capability and ability to manufacture prototypes means that while we’re sitting down to talk about your design, we can be testing and refining the solution while showing you a finished product and ensuring there are no surprises down the track.
We not only keep up to date with technology trends, we analyse production methodologies, materials science and process improvement through the entire supply chain to redefine the benchmark for performance and quality.

Adherettes was asked to solve a problem for a client that changes its marketing collateral in its retail outlets frequently.  The hurdles to overcome included finding a solution that:

  • is cost effective;
  • did away with the need for costly external contractors to change over the marketing collateral; and
  • complied with the client's WH&S obligations.

The solution developed for the client is an easy to install illuminated or non-illuminated printed banner that is easily changed by the client whenever a new marketing campaign is launched.

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