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888 Collins St

Adherettes brings an architectural lighting landmark to life in Melbourne, Australia.

On the 13th July 2016, state-of-the-art lighting technology illuminated the 5,500m² façade of 888 Collins Street in Melbourne, Australia.

This LED façade lighting installation is the first of its kind in Australia and the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. The building features 348,920 individual LEDs and the LED strips span a length of 2.4km. This amazing result was achievied by working closely with the Developer and Builder LendLease, and Ramus the Lighting Designer. The entire unit is customised for this specific project, including the circuitry, light layout, the orientation of componentry and fixture design. 

  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation

The colours used to wash the building will vary depending on the weather. The building’s lighting content management system has a repertoire of patterns representing environmental patterns and changes in weather. 

The project went off very smoothly and everyone is very excited to push the boundaries of what can be. 888 Collins St is a prominent structure and even more so when illuminated. There’s a good feeling that comes from knowing Adherettes' design and manufacturing have helped connect this building not only to the environment but also to the community.

The light fittings which contain the LED light modules are fastened into purpose-built cavities in the building façade. The cavities have been constructed at a tuned depth to control the angle and intensity of the light leaving the fitting. The viewing angle is restricted to ensure no light enters the apartments of 888 Collins St and to control the light into the surrounding areas. 

Design for safe installation and maintenance at height was a big factor in the preliminary stages of the project.

This system will have more colour clarity and a smoother transition than any other building façade lighting built to date. Brightness can be adjusted, however the lighting is likely to be running from 20% at dusk and will go right down to 4% in the early hours of the morning. 

Adherettes has designed a system for lighting an entire building for a similar amount of power that one uses to light a standard billboard. 

The project in its entirety was modelled in 3D in Solidworks CAD modelling software with heat and wind modelling employed at various stages throughout the design phase to verify integrity of the design. Inspection and test protocols were developed to capture all critical performance parameters. Products were tested at each of these stages and results recorded for future reference. 

The R&D in relation to this project was extensive. Adherettes design evolved as the building evolved during construction. The site is a maritime environment so the The R&D team considered IP ratings for dust and water ingress, factors of radiant vs ambient temperature, wind loading and corrosion resistance.