Kmart signage case study | Adherettes


We were engaged by Kmart to assist with design and development of new signs that would engage with Kmart customers. The result of this collaboration was a suite of high quality signage suitable for a diverse range of sites. The specifications developed during this process now form part of the Kmart signage manual, and Adherettes has since started delivering store entry signage for Kmart stores nation-wide. 

A focus on building relationships means Adherettes continues to add value to the process as the suite of signs evolves.

  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation

Chirnside Park

At Chirnside Park shopping centre we worked closely with the builder to a compressed schedule to deliver Kmart’s striking store entry bulkhead signage and soffit. This was made possible by the good working relationship between Kmart and Adherettes developed during the initial design development phase.

Minto mall

Public spaces are hard wearing, and for Kmart’s Minto mall we had to integrate a 6mm pitch LED digital display system into a lockable single pane, glass door to protect the display from traffic and potential damage in this busy mall. Our installation allows for both the screen system and content to be managed remotely from Kmart's head office: this lets the client control content delivery and scheduling without the use of onsite staff.

We supplied and installed AD-I6-F screens with network attached control system, facilitating remote and automated web-published content management and contacting us automatically in the event of an error.

Using Adherettes magnetic LED tile system also allows for easy service access from the front, and simplifies shop fitting by getting rid of the need for access panels and removable sections.